You don't need to lead a race from start to finish to place highly

You don't need to lead a race from start to finish to place highly

"Stryder" Kevin showed that you don't have to lead the race from start to finish to still place highly:


I had my first 1st race recently with Stryd after only a few months of winter training with it.

It was a hilly course with 430 meters of climbing over the 13.1 miles, so this was the perfect opportunity to run with power.

Anyways, I came in 1st in my age group and 7th overall. Plus, I was 6 minutes quicker than last year.

App suggested a race power of 356 watts. I kept to that value well. Power dropped off about 2 kilometers from the end as I was getting tired, but...

Pacing with power does seem to be a lot easier than heart rate or speed.

In fact, I didn't have anything on my Garmin other than the power.

I ended up doing a lot of passing in the race.

It is great getting people on the hills when you're keeping an even power output!

Happy bunny here. Time to roll on to the next half marathon.


I doubt Kevin was thinking that highly of Stryd when he fell behind early on.

But, his trust in the power number payed off when it led him past the runners who took the early lead.

The same hills where Kevin made his race were the same hills a lot of other runners payed for their aggressive early pacing.

Great work sticking to the power target Kevin.

The principles of racing with Stryd are simple:

You should run an even, max effort from the start of the race to the finish by following the power number, regardless of what the competition does.

Not only did Kevin run fast as a result of this strategy, but he also placed relatively highly because he didn't feel the need to get caught up and suffer the same ills as the group of runners who ran too fast and floundered on the late hills.

Plus, this was only his first race with Stryd. I imagine Kevin will be placing even higher once our app helps him refine the power target and get that value perfect. He won't be trailing off in the final kilometers of the race again.

Here is the link to our store if you want to buy Stryd and begin running with power.