Are you dreading today's run? Here is how to take the edge off...

Are you dreading today's run? Here is how to take the edge off...

I nearly always schedule my runs for the afternoon after 4PM.

It has been a habit of mine for years.

This can lead to two things:

1) A day full of excitement as I anxiously await the opportunity to leave my desk and tie my shoes (which is more often than not).

2) A day of dragging dread as my mind tries to convince me of the impossibilities of completing that day's workout successfully.

The second case is a waking nightmare and would come at unexpected times.

Plus, the fear was never consistent.

I could schedule a hard workout one week and be excited for it.

But, that same exact workout would be dreaded the next week.

I know that I cannot enter the run with dread.

The dread was there for a reason. It existed because my mind and body were telling me to be careful.

It took me years to figure out a strategy to deal with that "all-day dread" but I am pretty happy with how I handle it now.

I use a rather simple trick now.

I run in the bottom of my target zone instead of the middle or top of my target zone.

This strategy is especially important for interval work where you are running in your upper training zones (i.e. over Zone 3 and into Zone 4 or 5).

Believe it or not, this slight tweak makes a big difference.

If I run in the bottom of my zone 4 vs the top of zone 4, I accumulate ~55% less stress even though I am only running 15% slower.

If I run in the bottom of my zone 5 vs the top of zone 5, I accumulate ~41% less stress.

I am still able to achieve the purpose of the workout by running in the correct training zone.

But, this tweak calms my mind and body because I know that this workout will less stressful than the last time I performed it.

This is part of the magic of zone-based training.

Your zones give you flexibility to push towards the top of your zone if you are feeling good.

But, you can always drift towards the bottom of your zone when you need to ease your foot of your gas pedal.

Stryd automatically determines your training zones with the help of auto-calculated Critical Power.

From this, you learn the intensity ranges to run in to best achieve the goal of the workout in your structured training plan.

To start establishing your training zones and start running in them, you will need to start collecting running power data with Stryd.

You can get Stryd at the link below: