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Here is what structured training looks like in the wind

"Stryder" Jens didn't let the winds disrupt his structured training:


Today I really got use of the wind sensor in my Stryd.

I ran four intervals.

Two of the intervals were into the headwind.

Two of the intervals were with the tailwind.

There was a crazy difference in pace between the intervals.

But, my wattage was almost on spot 300 watts for all the intervals.

My splits:

Interval #1 into a headwind: 303 watts, 4:01/km

Interval #2 into a tailwind:          302 watts, 3:36/km

Interval #3 into a headwind: 303 watts, 4:00/km

Interval #4 into a tailwind:          303 watts, 3:34/km

Stryd really is an awesome tool when it comes to intervals or races in windy conditions 👌


As you can see, Jens maintained even power in the headwind and tailwind by only modifying his pace.

Here is what you can learn from Jens' workout:

1. Wind requires discipline.

Jens consistently ran slower into the headwind to hit his wattage target, instead of trying to hit an idealistic, ego-driven pace.

2. Wind presents unique training opportunities.

With the help of a tailwind, Jens was able to practice running a bit faster than he typically would have during the workout. This practice at a higher speed will be beneficial as Jens continues getting faster.

3. Wind builds skill.

When Jens finds himself in a windy race down the road, he will have some experience running at a consistent power in windy conditions.

This means that he won't be consuming extra brainpower and time to find his bearings on an "imperfect" race day.

This experience will definitely be a small but meaningful competitive advantage for him.

Perfectly pacing workouts and races in windy conditions used to be a near impossible task.

Gusting winds, changing cross winds, and tailwinds all force you change your effort in order to keep your effort even.

Fortunately, for runners with Stryd, winds don't need to be disruptive.

Running power provides perfect pacing, even in the wind.

You can get Stryd here: https://store.stryd.com/