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How much do 25+ mph winds matter? | The Secret of Running

How much do sustained wind speeds of 25+ mph matter on race day?

Do you want to know?

At the mention of 25 mph winds, I can already feel the substantial and chilling effects.

The wind has gotten the better of me more than a few times.

I am tall and large, so my body catches the wind like a sail in the open ocean.

While I may not be able to "hide" from 25+ mph winds, you can.

The wind does not have to effect you as much as everyone else.

That is what "Stryder" Niels found out.

He expected some pretty brutal winds for his half marathon, so he went into his race with a plan.

Hans & Ron, authors of The Secret of Running, caught up with "Stryder" Niels after his race into Beaufort Force 6 winds and learned that he did about as good as any runner could have to minimize the wind's effect.

They covered:

- how much do strong winds matter on race day

- why you need to strategically draft in the pack to minimize the winds

- how much power Niels saved by drafting

- how fast Niels would have finished if there were no wind

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