"Stryder" Maria shows us how the winter is won with 4 PRs in the last 2 months

"Stryder" Maria shows us how the winter is won with 4 PRs in the last 2 months

"Stryder" Maria sounded off in the Stryd Community this week:


I am 4 for 4!

4 racing distance PRs using Stryd (5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2) in the last 2 months.

Qualified for Boston today and beat my best time by 10 mins in my marathon.

I followed my race watts consistently and had strong legs throughout.

I am so happy I bought STRYD!


Seeing that this message was posted on January 26...

That means that Maria has set a personal record across every race distance since November 26.

That is what I call winning the winter!

While Maria's results may not be typical for everyone who buys Stryd and you will definitely get different results depending on how willing you are to trust Stryd's power number, how best you can recover after a hard race effort, and how fit you already are...

Maria's success shows that Stryd can lead to an immediate boost in race day performance.

How is that possible?

Maria was surely fit enough to run these great, fast races.

But, she did not have the racing skills or real time guidance to full demonstrate her fitness.

Stryd's power value helped guide Maria to run to her ceiling on race day.

She easily smashed her past, suboptimal racing performances.

If you would like to start running with power, there is still time to begin logging data this winter and begin to set your own personal records heading into the spring training season.

If you would like to do that, you can order Stryd here: https://store.stryd.com