Fitness is fragile (or, how to make your few shots at a good race count)

Fitness is fragile (or, how to make your few shots at a good race count)

Fitness is fragile.

It is something I have become acutely aware of lately.

I spent most of 2019 getting in excellent shape.

I clocked one of my best 400 meter times ever during that time.

(surprise! I sprint in addition to running endurance events)

But, that window opened and closed in an instant.

I injured myself just a few weeks after that performance.

And, I won't be able to perform anywhere near that level for at least four more months.

Now, I am certain that I can rebuild my fitness to where it was.

But, it goes to show that:

Opportunity is brief because fitness is fragile.

From changes...lost motivation, a year of hard fitness-building work can all vanish in an instant.

What does this mean?

You need to seize the opportunity when it is is there.

So, if you:

- complete a full 12+ week block of training leading up to your race
- study, memorize and train specifically for your upcoming race course
- taper, so you are at peak fitness for your race
- consistently sleep enough so your body is ready to perform

You really have one of the few, rare opportunities to crush your next race.

Be sure not to waste this moment.

One the best ways to ensure you run to your capability on race day is to run by power.

Running power helps you in two ways.

1. Running power establishes your Critical Power, which informs you where your ceiling is on race day.

2. Running power is transmitted from Stryd to your watch, which guides you to that ceiling on race day. So, you can be sure you are running to your true capability.

This two-part system is a proven method by countless members of the 10,000+ strong Stryd Community to executing your best race.

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