Stuck in a running rut? Sign up for a challenging race

"Stryder" David sounded off on how he breaks out of his Ironman training routine with the occasional challenging race:


I have been using Stryd for over three years to primarily train for Ironman competitions.

But, this last weekend I competed in a sand dunes race here in the Netherlands.

The beach forced us through deep sand and a Beaufort Force 7 headwind.

Fortunately, I had my Stryd on and knew I was saving around 20 watts by drafting in the group.

I also knew a sustainable power number that I could follow in the sand.

This conserved energy paid off when we had to begin climbing up the sand dunes (Over 210 meters of climbing split across three climbs).

I was able to pass many of the runners who flew by me on the beach and I negative splitted the last half of the course, once we got out of the wind, by more than 8 minutes.

A difficult race like this is no easy task for a 70 year old man, but the task becomes a lot easier when I am ready for these kinds of unique challenges.


David had an excellent race in unusual circumstances.

What do I attribute that to?

His fitness? Sure, that played a major part.

But, I also see he crafted an excellent racing strategy.

His race planning skills will pay off huge for him when it comes time to sign up for his next Ironman race.

He will be able to think far deeper about the unique challenges on race day and be aware of how he can use those challenges to his advantage.

By signing up for a difficult race like an uphill climb, a sand run, a downhill race, a trail race, an altitude race, etc, you will forced to think a lot deeper about the challenges and how you can manage those challenges.

That trains your mind and planning skills.

That skill will give you a major advantage when the difficulties of the course promise to physically test you to the max.

You can prepare for a race like this with or without Stryd.

But, as David showed when he planned out his power target and stuck to that target by drafting in the group on the beach, it is easier to make real time race decisions and plan for a race in a methodical way when you have access to Stryd power data.

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