Safeguarding yourself against a contagious, dangerous hill running plan

There are runners out there that are spreading a contagious & dangerous mindset on race day.

They purposely plan to push the hills.

That is their entire game plan for the race.

One post we have on Facebook has countless comments of people saying, "the faster you get up the hill, the faster it is over!"

And, when you take a step back on race day and look at everyone running around you, you will realize that a large majority of the field is adopting a similar mindset.

I am not sure if this is a conscious game plan or an unconscious tendency for runners, but I do know that this is contagious strategy.

I commonly see one runner start to push up the hill and then many others follow suit.

All of a sudden, there is a group of runners pushing the hill.

Each runner is costing themselves later in the race.

Overcooking the hills is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

It is possible to safeguard yourself from this contagious mindset that spreads on the hills.

You need to have confidence in your race plan so you do not give into the temptations to push the hills with the masses and you need a method to know if you are following the plan.

Fortunately, Stryd's software can help create the race plan and the pod can help you ensure that you are following the plan.

Based on your Critical Power (a threshold), you can determine your power target for your race. Then, you can follow the number from Stryd on your watch to know that you are sticking to the plan.

With these tools, you will not be infected by the "hill pushers."

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