A long suffering, injury riddled runner rejoices with painless running power target

"Stryder" Nathan, a total running fanatic who has suffered a few injury setbacks, told me how he keeps his running painless:


Accumulated injuries have turned me into a treadmill addict this year. My treadmill is pretty soft and takes a good bit of the pounding out of my run, and that prevents my injuries from flaring up too much.

However, cabin fever began to set in so I began to look for ways I could run outside while avoiding the pounding from the hard outdoor surfaces.

That has led to a pretty interesting use case of Stryd.

I discovered that I can stay pain free if I set a ceiling on my running power target while running outdoors.

I especially like to hit the hills with this power target because the impact forces are even lower.

I thought I would have to do a bunch of funny stuff like increase my cadence or shorten my ground time to remove the extra impact, but it turns out simply keeping my intensity under a certain threshold and hitting the hills did the trick.

Now, I can run outdoor running again while not accumulating too much stress.

Basically, an exact wattage target lets me know for sure that I am not going to regret running because the pain will not come.


While we cannot guarantee Stryd will keep you injury free, a power target can definitely keep you running in at a painless intensity no matter how the terrain rolls.

This is especially important if you feel that you need to avoid hard impacts because the hills become very friendly at that point.

So, if you want to lessen some of your pain in 2020, modulating intensity and using hills to your advantage should be something on your radar.

This is not a new piece of advice by any means.

In fact, it has likely been taught by nearly every running coach that has lived since the beginning of time.

But there is something new here.

Running power definitely makes this task easier since you can directly run at a comparable intensity no matter what grade you are running at.

Easy efforts on flat ground can directly be translated to hill running.

Hill running makes the run even easier since the impact forces are lessened.

And, that is where Nathan found his painless outdoor running strategy.

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