Avoiding a workout warping mistake most commonly made during hill running

There is a workout warping mistake I (and many others) are guilty of.

I most commonly see this mistake committed on hills since it is more difficult to gauge your effort here, but it can happen during any type of run.

Many runners do not even realize they are making the mistake because it looks like they are completing the workout exactly as prescribed.

And, therein lies the problem.

Every workout has a purpose (i.e. build speed, build endurance, etc)

In order to reach that workout's purpose, a set of workout steps is given to the runner (i.e. run 5 miles at a certain intensity)

It is possible to complete each step of the workout but totally miss the point of the workout.

For example, let's say you are told to run 10x 90 second hill intervals in Zone 5.

You may run the first 60 seconds above your Zone 5 effort and then suffer to finish the final 30 seconds of your repeat.

You ran in Zone 5 most of the time. You also ran for the full 90 seconds and you were able to tough out every last rep.

You basically completed the workout as prescribed!

But, you did not extract the intended benefit from your workout because you were running way too fast at the start of each rep.

If you are serious about achieving your big running goals, you need to be a tough minded runner who understands why you are doing a workout.

Don't just complete your workout. Complete it the right way.

This task to complete your workout the right way becomes a lot easier with Stryd, as Stryder Alan found out.


"By aiming for a zone 5 power target, even if it resulted in a slower pace when doing hill repeats, the effort became sustainable. By the time I reached the last repeat, I felt like I couldn't have gone much longer. But I was still able to finish strong without fading like I had done in the past."


Completing your workouts the right way is great strategy to get more out of the running plan that you already have.

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