Solo runner cuts workout short -- no longer!

I am guilty of cutting hard workouts short.

I rarely did it when I ran with a team or a friend.

But, it was a near sure-fire occurrence when I ran alone.

There is only one runner I know who didn't cut workouts short when he ran alone.

He was a sprinter. He graduated a few years before I got to college so I never met him but his work ethic lived in infamy.

I heard he could go down to the track at 8AM on a Saturday and do over one hundred 200 meter repeats at 95% max effort and finish up around 1PM. (Over 20,000 meters in total)

That is unreal machine-like consistency and speed. That is like running a half marathon at near max sprint effort.

He was also the best sprinter in the school during his time and one of the best in the history of the college.

I have a theory why he could do this.

The cafeteria overlooked the track so he could have 50+ of his fellow students spectating his workout at any given moment, so I guess he was not really alone.

Here is the point:

You will (and likely have) cut workouts short when running alone.

The lack motivation and knowledge of your capabilities will win sometimes.

But, you can't be cutting workouts short very often if you want to be great.

You need to be able to push through those barriers when you run alone.

And, you likely can't round up 50+ spectators to keep you motivated like the track star did.

But, you can bring Stryd with you and set workouts targets that you know are within your capability.

Here is what one Stryder, SeekMF on Reddit, had to say:


"In my opinion, the most valuable thing about Stryd is once you identify your 'Critical Power', you know which power targets to run at for different workouts. Since I run a lot alone, knowing I should be able to hit these targets has been motivational when it gets hard."


With the help of Stryd and a Critical Power value, you can have the motivation you need to finish.

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