Stryd rescues runner from drowning in data

Here is a question that I received from a reader recently...


"Hi Angus,

I have enough data from my watch. I am not even using half the features here already.

If I went all in on Stryd, I think I would be drowning in data from information overload!

Why do you think I run? I can't swim... in water or in data!

Please help me figure this out. :-)"


I want you to think about it this way.

There are two big sports that use power data: cycling & running.

Without power, runners have to combine pace, heart rate, and elevation gain in order to get an understanding of their effort. Some runners even combine 4+ data fields on their watch to know how hard they are working!

Cyclists have had power for 20+ years and the usage is quite widespread.

They only need to look at power because power is a comprehensive gauge of their effort.

Most cyclists have largely abandoned other metrics because of this.

Could adding running power actually save you from drowning in data?

Cyclists sure have benefited. We have seen runners say the same.

Here are a few testimonials from the Stryd Community:

The addition of Stryd can actually help simplify your data setup.

If you want to get Stryd, you can do that here: