Critical Power can vanquish race day mysteries

I couldn't sleep the night before race day.

I would lay as stiff as a board in bed and stare at the ceiling.

Instead of counting sheep, I was counting minutes.

41...42...43...44...45...46...47 minutes

How fast would I run over 10K?

The mystery kept me awake.

The more I thought about it...the less I slept...and the worse I performed.

T'was a nightmare, to say the least.

Well, fortunately, I don't suffer from this anymore.

It is possible to vanquish the mysteries and worry from race day.

And, the answer is contained within a very important number I have been talking about the last few days: Critical Power.

All races from 5K to Marathon are executed within +/- 10% of Critical Power.

Race day is simple as plugging your race distance and Critical Power in a calculator and that calculator will spit out a power range to run in.

Here is what that looks like for most runners:

5K:                     103% to 106% of Critical Power
10K:                   100% to 103% of Critical Power
Half Marathon:  93% to 96% of Critical Power
Marathon:          90% to 93% of Critical Power

Now, you don't need to worry about your finishing time, specific mile splits for that course, or worry if you are racing to your potential.

You only need to peek at your power output while racing and stay within your power range to have confidence that you are running to your ceiling.

It is even possible to narrow these Critical Power ranges down a bit further once some specific knowledge is established about your specific fatigue resistance and running efficiency. Then, you can have single percentage and single watt precision.

It is also possible to establish a value for less common race distances such as 10 mile, 15K, 20K, or any other distance you want to race.

If you love the mystery of race day, then steer clear of Stryd. We will take the mystery away. You will have a pretty good idea of how you will do when you step up to the line.

But, if you want your race day results to be predictable, using Stryd to master your Critical Power will be a key to your success.

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