Can Stryd determine your VO2 Max with 10 minutes of running data?

Have you heard of Hans van Dijk & Ron van Megen?

They are two authors based in the Netherlands and they have been studying running power and all of the run power meter technologies for the past few years.

While they talk about and study all running power meters, they use Stryd for most of their experiments and data collection.

Anyway, we have partnered with them to bring some of their excellent content directly to you.

Here is a thought provoking & practical article they published recently:

How to use Stryd power to calculate your VO2

There are many reasons to know your VO2 Max.

A few include:

- Benchmarking performance over time
- Understanding your maximal capabilities

These are two powerful pieces of information to have access to if you have performance-oriented goals.

While it is becoming easier and cheaper to have your VO2 measured in a lab setting, most runners will be hard pressed to complete this kind of test due to the time requirement and cost of visiting a lab.

Fortunately, as Hans & Ron have determined, Stryd can be a good enough estimate of your VO2 Max.

The test is easy to complete.

All you need to do is run all out for 10 minutes, take the average power from that run, and plug that power into an equation to figure out your VO2 Max. That equation is straightforward and depends on if you are untrained, trained, or elite runner.

Once you have a Stryd, you can complete this test on a regular basis right in your backyard with 10 minutes of running and the data analysis only takes around a minute or so as the equation is plug and play.

This kind of test is a great fitness benchmark or a replacement for a race-like effort if you do not have an appetite to race frequently.

You can read the full article here:

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