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Running with Power


'Run with Power' by Jim Vance, Velo Press 2016

Introductory Guide to Running with Power

Run with Power by Jim Vance

Velo Press, based in Boulder, Co. has just released the first comprehensive guide to the concept of using power meters for running in collaboration with coach/author Jim Vance.

'Run with Power' is a introduction to the power-based training, a concept long familiar with cyclists and now - as we know at Stryd - ready to revolutionize the way runners train.

Tri coach and author Jim Vance outlines how to interpret the data gathered from your Stryd running power meter in order to be able to establish personal power training zones.

Importantly, Vance also shares how to compare wattage, heart rate, pace and perceived exertion to get maximum insight into your training so you

Would Power Meters for Runners Be Beneficial?

Editor's note: Hi, this is Gus. I recently found this article by Jim Gourley on Active.com about using power for running. I thought it was interesting, ahead of its time, and relevant to our mission to enable runners to train using power. I had a chance to speak with Jim. He had a lot of comments, and agreed to let us reproduce his article on our blog. I hope that you find this article as interesting as I did.

Power meters have become a mainstream training tool for cyclists over the past several years. Meanwhile, runners continue to rely on heart rate monitors as the only way to monitor training zones and effort. But this could soon be changing.