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Running with Power


Running Stress Score

After each day’s workout, we all wonder — how was my workout today? Have I done enough? Did I push too hard? Indeed, consistent training with the correct load and variety spurs the best physiological improvement; the secret sauce to how top runners build fitness quickly, to run faster. This is why we designed Running Stress Score (RSS), a single number to help runners understand their day-by-day training. It quantifies how much you’ve trained and…

Stryd is Ready for Kona Demos

Triathletes, runners, endurance fans and tech aficionados attending the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii will be treated to the first public opportunity to test Stryd, the pioneering wearable power meter designed for running. Anyone attending the Ironman World Championship in Kona is invited to visit Stryd in the Ironman expo (booth #85) to test Stryd during a treadmill run. Additionally, we will offer exclusive Kona pre-order pricing at $10 below MSRP, with delivery prior…

Athlete Testing. And, a Call for Coaches

We’re half way through our Kickstarter campaign, and we sold out of our 2015 allotment to individual runners in 12 days. It’s obviously tempting to offer up more Styrd devices and watch the number tick up further. But, that’s not why we chose Kickstarter. We turned to crowd funding to build a community of excited runners, triathletes and coaches.

Now, we’ve done that – and we can shift our focus to supporting you and the rest of that community in two ways…

  1. Creating the world’s first power-based training programs.
  2. Shipping a beautiful product on time.

Calling All Coaches

Since this is the first time any runner has used power for running, our coaches are like athletes

Running power and heart rate

This is Gus from Stryd. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences, daily routines, interviews, training programs, and ways of using power for running.

Most of you will have questions on how to train with power. I hope the blog will give you some insight on how power can change your running for the better! Today I want to talk about running with power during interval training & comparing it with heart rate (HR). For the purpose of this first blog post, you can view power as a measure of your body's exertion.

Many of us run with a HR monitor. When I run with my HR monitor, I never know if I’m training in