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Running with Power


Run Faster with Stryd: Part One

Running Economy

Runners are commonly categorized into “types”: THE SPEEDSTER, THE MEDITATOR, THE TRAILBLAZER... With Stryd, no matter your type, you can RUN FASTER. The recent release of our new Stryd Power Meter, has us more excited than ever about the possibilities of helping you to do just that. Not only does Stryd measure how hard you are running, it also measures how effectively you are running. In our recently released white paper (download it here) we discuss running economy (a measure of the metabolic cost of running), how it impacts performance and how you can use Stryd to help you quickly, and more effectively, make improvements.

For runners looking to improve their performance, enhancing running economy has been a

First Stryd Run With Matt, Triathlete & Software Developer

Overview of my Run: Power, Pace and Elevation

As a data geek, I liked the idea of collecting more data for my run. At least as a curiosity.
I collected a foot-pod - kindly lent by Stryd - a couple of days before the race, but I was only going to let it record data, and not attempt to change any settings on my watch to display any field that would confuse me during my race.


The pod wasn't perceivable at all on my shoe, and that unobtrusiveness is what convinced me to try it. I don't think I would have tried with the chest strap. It was only a case of clipping it on my laces and forgetting about

Stryd In Kona: Learn From Top Kona Pros To Race With Power

On October 8th, 2016 more than 2300 of the world’s most elite triathletes converged on the Island of Kona to compete in the iconic Ironman World Championships. Among them were a select few who were the first to run with the new STRYD power meter foot pod. The new STRYD power meter collected information about effort and efficiency that has never been recorded by athletes competing at the championship level.

After swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles, the athletes run 26.2 miles—a marathon—in torturous conditions. Running in the mid-day Hawaii sun, temperatures surged to close to 90 degrees with high humidity and black volcanic rock lining the course only intensifying the heat. Not only

Stryd Unboxing — Initial Impressions

Stryd is here - unboxing experience by Paul


It’s not often that Australia gets something first! But somehow that’s exactly what’s happened with Stryd’s latest offering. After being a Kickstarter backer of the original Stryd Pioneer a year ago now, Stryd were kind enough to reward us all with early access to their second model – and mine arrived extra early.

With an intensive 48 hours of testing the new unit under my belt – and now being stuck on a plane for twenty hours – the guys at Stryd asked me if I was willing to share my thoughts and my initial impressions about this new unit. So armed with numerous cups of really bad airline coffee

Why we create Stryd

Our work on Stryd Pioneer dates back to late 2014, when we were inspired by the cycling power meter — In cycling, power is the definitive measure of training intensity regardless of external environmental conditions. Runners who has experience with cycling power meters, including luminaries like Joe Friel, told us that its absence from running was sorely missed. So, we created the Stryd Pioneer with the goal of helping runners train consistently and effectively, and get better race-day results, by controlling their training intensity and pacing.

Since the birth of Stryd Pioneer last year, we have been working with many of you, athletes, coaches, and exercise physiologists, to develop ways of training with power. We soon realized that power can potentially

Stryd in Action: Chris Turner uses Stryd power meter to PR in London

Recently, London-based runner Chris Turner shared with us his experience using the Stryd power meter to prepare for the 2016 London marathon. He raced a PR on the day.
Power Graph

Chris is a self-coached runner and made the transition from using heart rate zones for training to power zones in his preparation for the marathon.

Chris Turner with London Medal

From being familiar with his power output, Chris commented he was able to pace himself better, hold back the race adrenaline and not go out too fast. This allowed him to hold his pace until the end of the race.

Using Stryd data in his training gave him a new level of confidence on race day. He knew he could sustain the power. That alone is

'Run with Power' by Jim Vance, Velo Press 2016

Introductory Guide to Running with Power

Run with Power by Jim Vance

Velo Press, based in Boulder, Co. has just released the first comprehensive guide to the concept of using power meters for running in collaboration with coach/author Jim Vance.

'Run with Power' is a introduction to the power-based training, a concept long familiar with cyclists and now - as we know at Stryd - ready to revolutionize the way runners train.

Tri coach and author Jim Vance outlines how to interpret the data gathered from your Stryd running power meter in order to be able to establish personal power training zones.

Importantly, Vance also shares how to compare wattage, heart rate, pace and perceived exertion to get maximum insight into your training so you

Stryd Is Here. Order Today.

Hi there,

Stryd is now available for order. If you order today, you get $20 off and will receive your device in early November. Visit https://www.stryd.com/order to order.

Stryd teaches you how to:
1. Train in the perfect zone
2. Better your form and efficiency
3. Track day-by-day progress
4. Pace to win the race

If you want a look to see how Stryd works, tune into https://www.stryd.com/kona on Saturday. We are live streaming data from three athletes racing in the Ironman World Championships. The show should get started at around 3PM Mountain time on Saturday Oct 10th as the athletes enter the run portion.

The Stryd Team

Stryd Pioneer Pilot Testing Mini-Series: Interval Training

This post covers how running power can help with interval training, which involves repetitive high- and low-intensity exercise. Interval training can be used to improve a runner’s anaerobic (and aerobic) fitness. Managing interval training is challenging, as it requires precise control of the training intensity of the repetitive high- and low-intensity exercise. This week, we invited an elite track and field elite athlete to use Stryd Pioneer during an interval training routine (name omitted so he can keep his amateur status). His training session included 12 repetitive intervals. Each interval consisted of a 200-meter high-intensity run followed by a 200-meter low-intensity run. During the high-intensity portion of each interval, the athlete maintained consistent exertion at a 15 miles/hour

First Encounter with Stryd Pioneer


We have been quiet for a while, keeping our noses to the grindstone at the production lines and in the testing lab. Now we have a lot to share!

After years of work, we have finally started production of Stryd Pioneer, available only to our Kickstarter supporters. We designed it to provide everything you need to smoothly integrate running power into your current training program. The level of energy and excitement here is amazing, and soon our Kickstarter supporters, and through them the rest of the running community, will be able to share this excitement.

While our team in Shenzhen, China has been bringing up the manufacturing lines, our team in Boulder, Colorado has been busy testing Stryd with