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Running with Power


Stryd PowerRace - Your New PR

PowerRace - Your New PR

Performance is priority on race day, you'll test your body and mind against the course and the competition to find your new Personal Record.

The idea of discovering your new PR motivated us to create the supreme racing tool- PowerRace.

Your Personal Record considers three goals:
1. Get the most out of your body
2. Conquer the course
3. Focus on racing

Get the most out of your body

To race your best, extracting every ounce of energy from your body is key. It takes precision to know how to properly expend energy throughout a race. While you don't want to charge full-speed out of the box lest you risk expending your energy prior to

Power Up and Attack the Downhill!


Think back to the last time you took advantage of a downhill section of your run. The rush of freedom and speed you felt when opening up your stride and blasting away felt limitless. The magic of downhill running comes with a reprieve from the battle with gravity we fight as runners. How we understand and make use of this “free” energy is important to us, and extreme accuracy in a power meter to capture it is paramount.

Stryd has been recognized for its ability to provide an objective performance number to guide running effort for both downhill and uphill segments. Braking becomes especially influential in downhill efforts. We recently fired up our in-house metabolic cart to investigate the extent

IMPROVE with Stryd

Runners are continually evolving. With every step of training we influence our performance. The intensity and duration of our runs determine the type of runner that we become. Stryd's IMPROVE Training tools in PowerCenter identify your core running characteristics and track your training over time so that you can continue to improve and evolve into the best runner possible.


Stryd Runner Profile
Identify the key limiters in your training. Focus on your Metabolic Fitness, Muscle Endurance, and Muscle Power. Metabolic Fitness is your overall current fitness, in terms of both metabolic and aerobic performance. You can build your current fitness to its ceiling in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, it is possible to slowly raise your overall fitness

Running Stress Score

After each day’s workout, we all wonder — how was my workout today? Have I done enough? Did I push too hard? Indeed, consistent training with the correct load and variety spurs the best physiological improvement; the secret sauce to how top runners build fitness quickly, to run faster. This is why we designed Running Stress Score (RSS), a single number to help runners understand their day-by-day training. It quantifies how much you’ve trained and…

A look back at Kona 2016 : Alessandro Degasperi

We'll be watching the NBC broadcast of the 2016 Ironman World Championship on Saturday at 2:30ET. When you do, be sure to be on the look out for Bib number 35, Alessandro Degasperi. On a day when five athletes ran their marathon under 2 hours and 50 minutes, Alessandro quietly ran one of the fastest marathons of the day. He passed by more than 20 of his competitors during the marathon and completed it in…

Stryd expands sports watch support with Garmin Connect IQ "Power" field

The sports watch is the perfect tool for high performance athletes. The watch serves as heart of the training ecosystem. It syncs all of your workout data and pairs with your training tools to tie everything together. It is crucial that your training tools work with your watch. We have faced a challenge ever since we launched Stryd on Kickstarter. The big question was: “Will this work with my watch?” Since the launch, we searched for…