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Running with Power


Stryd is Ready for Kona Demos

Triathletes, runners, endurance fans and tech aficionados attending the upcoming Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii will be treated to the first public opportunity to test Stryd, the pioneering wearable power meter designed for running. Anyone attending the Ironman World Championship in Kona is invited to visit Stryd in the Ironman expo (booth #85) to test Stryd during a treadmill run. Additionally, we will offer exclusive Kona pre-order pricing at $10 below MSRP, with delivery prior…

Stryd Kickstarter campaign closes, exceeding goals

Dear Backers,

Thank you for supporting the Stryd wearable power meter for runners. A week ago, our Kickstarter campaign closed. 1,000 runners and 200 coaches from over 40 countries backed the project. We are now focusing on production and making it practical for you to use power for run training.

This update will give a very high-level overview of what we are doing to deliver Stryd to you. We will provide more detailed updates on particular topics in the coming weeks.

Manufacturing: Today, half of our engineering team flew to live on-site with our manufacturing partners so we can observe and manage every step of the process. We want Stryd to exceed your expectations. In fact, we have already

Athlete Testing. And, a Call for Coaches

We’re half way through our Kickstarter campaign, and we sold out of our 2015 allotment to individual runners in 12 days. It’s obviously tempting to offer up more Styrd devices and watch the number tick up further. But, that’s not why we chose Kickstarter. We turned to crowd funding to build a community of excited runners, triathletes and coaches.

Now, we’ve done that – and we can shift our focus to supporting you and the rest of that community in two ways…

  1. Creating the world’s first power-based training programs.
  2. Shipping a beautiful product on time.

Calling All Coaches

Since this is the first time any runner has used power for running, our coaches are like athletes

Announcing the World’s First Wearable Power Meter for Runners — Get Yours on Kickstarter Today

The time has finally arrived! Starting at 8am eastern today, you can get your hands on Stryd, the first wearable device to measure running power, through our crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter.

We chose to use Kickstarter as a way to get more people involved and gather more data on power-based run training.

The running community has embraced Stryd from the start, and we’ve been pretty surprised by variety of ways coaches and athletes are using the device. Now, we want to learn even faster. When you support us on Kickstarter, you join a community that is shaping the future of power-based run training with the information you provide us.

Our first group of users was excited most about

New Year's resolution: How to PR this coming season by using power for perfect pacing

Hi, this is Gus from Stryd. Every year we all make new years resolutions, and create goals for ourselves. The only problem is, we sometimes fall short or we derail our progress because we don't have the commitment or inspiration to continue. We all want to achieve that perfect race! The problem is that we don’t know how to start, and make it achievable.

Power can help you with pacing for that perfect race, or a personal performance goal you are training for.

The secret to pacing is to know and control your "effort level". That's tough on race day because we face mental and physical stress and unexpected challenges from the route and weather – the measure we normally

Running power and heart rate

This is Gus from Stryd. This blog is a way for me to share my experiences, daily routines, interviews, training programs, and ways of using power for running.

Most of you will have questions on how to train with power. I hope the blog will give you some insight on how power can change your running for the better! Today I want to talk about running with power during interval training & comparing it with heart rate (HR). For the purpose of this first blog post, you can view power as a measure of your body's exertion.

Many of us run with a HR monitor. When I run with my HR monitor, I never know if I’m training in